Alien Fighter

Firstly the concept is not mine but -this- fellows so thanks go to him for the inspiration.

  • It was really hard to figure out some of the perspective from the concept I had to wing it alot
  • Took me much longer than I anticipated, prolly 10-15 hours
  • I wanted to use subsurf for this model to give it more smooth look, but didn’t end up doing so, I think it shows
  • this would look 1000 times better with some good textures to give that extra detail

I like it, u should keep working on it.

Yeah, nice modelling. There are still details from the original concept ( ) missing, but don’t feel obligations to follow it blindly. I’d love to see some wireframes.

Thanks, the reason it in finished projects is because its my 1 model a week personal goal.

yeah there are heaps of details missing, heres your wire, un mirrored