Alien for WC

here is the picturre so far
does the image above show up?
anyway i have to turn up the lighting and i was wondering how to make a slimy wet look, i think you make a spec map but i don’t knopw how to do that, any other ways on how to make slimy or different methods would be helpfull
Comments and crits please
EDIT/ it should be working now

i get a fatal error. (im guessing thats a bad thing)

I’m also getting it, if this means they have to redo the site I hope they have backups.

me too :frowning:

oh sorry i copy and then accidentley copied the wrong link now it should be working

here is an update
added drool and fixed up arm

nice start

a couple of things:

  1. the head looks too big… or is thatjust perspective…

2)the background (backbuf) image is a bit pixelated

  1. is it just me… or is head less speculr/reflective than the rest of the body…?


Thanks for your comment

  1. ya the head might be a littlwe big, i have only one reference picture so i’ll try to find the time to find a couple and fix it up
    2.I dont know how to make it unpixilated sry any ideas
    3.they have the same material so they should have same spec? maybe just the lighting
    thx keep on commenting

i thought they had no eyes(visable one at least)

Very nice so far. I like the drool.

That is looking good.

Yeah, that’s what I thought too. I have seen those movies several times and have yet to see eyes.


The ref picture i had had two small red yeys… i’ll see if i can find it agian but any way i’m not going to have time to make anymore changes so the above is the final one :frowning:
wish i had more time :<
EDIT/ here i found the link, it’s the painting one… the one with eyes but the rest dont have eyes??? %|

Hmmm. Well I, like I have said, I have never seen eyes on them and on the website it says:

I think whoever drew that painting did it wrong. %|

But, back on subject, I like your model. Good luck in the WC.