Alien Game

Here is a new game I’m working on. It pretty mush is a FPS a small level since Im the only one working on it for now. If you wanna help I am willing to see some screens of models or what ever you want to make for the level.

I am a serious game maker so dont bother to help if your not…

Also my main site is back up and running if you want to see some of the past games I have worked on check it out…These games all got destroyed along with my harddrive. All but one…MEGAMAN will live again, I promise.

looks real great
… needs some lighting though

do you have any plans for characters yet?

Looks serious.
Blood on the floor makes me think it will be a kind of HL clone.

it looks good so far - still lots of stuff to come - if you want to get a lot of help (serious help) then you need to make one “demo” level which would have some different effects in it (ie: monsters, weapons, explosions) and no real point - just sort of a get from point a to point b without dieing - if you get that working then it means you have all the basic controls done and alot of scripting already finsished so others can start on maps and game play - post that demo and you’ll get around 15 people signing up instantly!

just a thought - your site is pretty lame for having such good looking games - if you want I could script you a PHP site with counters, logins, admin section, memberlist, and chat room and if you get a hostmatrix site (or you host supports phpBB forums) i could set you up with a forum for developement! email me if you do:

prince7 at

i see that you had a game (the image called Classics) - is this still alive? if so I would love it if you would donate it to Project Old School Games ( as we are getting some games together to create a marketteable, purely blender game CD - you would recieve some royalties I’m sure - the project is currently awaiting Blenderman approval and is officially on postponed status however some of us are working on it “unofficially” so that we can get it out as soon as possible once approved! again email me if you’de like more information!

daniel (prince)

z3r0_d I do have the ailen character sketched and colored.

Prince I will get back to you in an e-mail…

At the current rate of speed I am working at I should have a walk around demo done by the end of the month. So keep checking back for more info!

:o Go Enriq. Hehe, looking better than ever.

These games all got destroyed along with my harddrive. All but one…MEGAMAN will live again, I promise.

I’m sure Mooman has copies of them (well the ones you guys worked on together). Lol, but catching him when he’s on is a different story.

Oh yeah, the links to the 3d part of Megaman aren’t up. Hehe, so are the links to the other games.

Jason Lin

Cool environments.Really good textures.
The place with blood on the floor reminds me of silent hill 3 in the mall.
Great work!

Hey thanks for the comments guys.

Golden, I got with mooman and he did have the Sega level of ClassicsVsClassics so I will try to finish the map updates and get it posted on a server somewhere when Im done. I think I can get a static IP from my dsl because im a commercial customer so maybe I can host the site here. Anyway…I will try to get it out ASAP its a great game and has some cool effects.

Eduard expect more blood, Alot more!!! haha

I finally set up my own server.

Now I can do what ever I want to do and with 10 gigs of bandwith a month!

BTW Custom Computers is my company, in case you were wondering. :stuck_out_tongue:


Whoa! NICE :o