Alien Hangar Render Feedback?

Could anyone take a look at this model and give me some feedback? The one thing that stands out to me is it seems too plain in color to me. It almost looks greyscale and I’m not sure what to add with more color in it.


I’m no expert so take it FWIW but assuming the space ship is the main motive it should really get more light, maybe a spot. It’s not really easy to differentiate from the background right now.
I think the whole scene would profit from more contrast (mode filmic, maybe medium2hardconstrast), some more bloom or volumetric lights.
Another thing is the edges in the immediate foreground, you might want to bevel them a bit but well that’s just me, Otherwise I think it’s well done. :slight_smile:

Thanks! Yeah, lighting is the main problem. I’m going to add in some more colored lights like some small red and blue spots I think. That should help a lot.

I made some updates and tried out different lighting intensities. How does this look? I think it helps bring some color and visual interest to the shot, but it feels to me like overall the walls are just too plain, but I don’t know what to add/change to make the model itself a little more visually interesting rather than just the lighting.




Maybe dim down the floor lights to a very light glow along with the ceiling lights and add some lights on the ship itself ? To me, the ship is really blending into the background and needs to be sperated, being the walls, ceiling and ship are similar colors breaking that up would help. Maybe dimming the forground lights alittle and adding more light behind the ship to create more contrast on the ship would help, creating a bit of a silhouette. Nice design and modleing though, looks pretty cool.

There is currently no proper separation between the focal element (spaceship?) and the background. What I would do is recreate a lot of the lighting. Firstly, I would make sure there are strong lights focused on the model. Some spot lights could work here.
If that is not enough, go and reduce the visible lights from the surroundings, The bright white patches everywhere just make everything too full of places to draw the eye away from what you want viewers to see. My suggestion would to be make those floor lights much thinner and add grates, covers, bulbs, or anything over them all to try and prevent it from being too visible. (You can make it visible to the camera only if it turns out the scene becomes too dark from a lack of ambient lighting).