Alien head model WIP.

Her’s an alien head I’m modeling for my game. Obviously, it’s not done (and I do plan on doing the body as well). Crits/comments are welcome

PS: I know the black thing on his nose is weird. It’s a problem with the normal map and I plan to fix it.



Here’s wireframe photo
The head is currently 399 verts and 396 faces.



Finished robotic torso. Also fixed nose glitch…



Hey, nice alien you have but i think the head can be a bit more high poly, well i don’t know how high poly his robotic torso will be and the rest but some areas are a bit corny (is that a real word?) like the lips were you could add some more polys.
Btw make sure you see it is a robotic chest like make it have some wires and so.

Maybe you could make it look more original and don’t stick to the usual stuff:
as you see with Aliens Vs Predator they had something original and different then the standard alien XD

Alien Vs Predator Alien not the stuff that you normally would see

According to me the standard stuff

Look at this link (to big image for just posting)
look at the great detail XD

Well good luck for your project, i hope i helped or just nagged?

No, you’re not being a nag.
First of all, I’m trying to keep it as low poly as possible, even if it means sacrificing detail in areas like the lips… Mainly because I was specificly making it for my game and was hoping to have as many of these guys in one scene at a time as possible (as many as 10 if possible). But The lips could use some optimization as you suggested.
In regards to the metalic torso, it’s a WIP, I’m still working on it. I might have to make it a little higher poly though.
And the alien I had in mind is actually a combination of the two pics above (mainly because my game has a weird storyline).

But thanks for the input dude! I had this up here for about a week, and you’re the first one to comment. Lol.


Oh okay then, can you tell us the storyline or is it for now secret?

nice renders

David: Thanks, I’m glad you like them!

AncientGreek: My storyline isn’t refined yet and I don’t feel right posting my game development until I’m well into it. Sorry. But your comment has gotten me thinking. I might just have to take the story in another direction… Hehehe…:evilgrin:

Toying with a new design for the torso.


I like the torso you had earlier. It looked like armor. Keep it like that. Use a brownish green metalic texture with rust on it. It would be good. :yes: I like the alien btw


Thanks… If I go back to the original though I’m probably going to redo it… It doesn’t look quite right.
And yeah, I had a rusty look in mind too.

Well, actually i like this one more XD,
it is more original

I agree ^ lol

Thanks for all the comments guys. I really appreciate it… And yeah, I think I’m going to stick with the last one (or at least something similar). I think I’m going to try to create a nice color map for the torso next (which I am terrible at btw).

Created a quick color map. Also started working on arms.