alien head

yet another short modeling and texture test. the reason for not finishing most of my models besides being lazy and having attention disorders, i still am trying to learn about modeling, and how mesh’s work and react, and how to texture and uv map. and the best way “for me” is to keep making model after model and texture after texture. for some strange reason this is the way i learn. one day i will be comfortable enough to complete a large project, but for now this seems to be working for me.
this was to be a head to a large crab thing, but i liked the head so much that i just left it by itself.

very nice. seems like the eye could use a few veins or some redness though. once again i am especially partial to the teeth.

oh yeah, forgot to add that, updated picture above

Only a mother could love it, and I’m not even sure of that :stuck_out_tongue:

If you haven’t seen this already, the tutorial here is great for showing ‘how meshes work’ for organics. This is the general jist of the way I modelled my character and I found the tutorial to really get me on the right track. It basically shows how to model a body, and do it while keeping good edge loops.