Alien Head

Hey guys I am new member on these forums so I wanted to start off by showing you guys something I am working on. It is being made with sub-surfaces.

All I can do is a little bit of texturing, lighting and m odeling. I have no clue how to animate or the best way to texture with images etc. If someone could provide some good information or tutorials on these subjects i will be extremely grateful.

But anyway here it is:

… Comments… Criticism… something???

try to understand edge loops before making edge modeling
Make his joan tutorial :wink:

Enjoy :Z hihi

c & C ? ok ! I think its good start - clear modeling.
The mouth looks funny but nice.

P.s. He’s bald ! :smiley:

P.P.S. This Joan of Arc tutorial is really great, you ahould see it,

… it’s in french… :expressionless:

yup, unfortunately, look at the pictures it helps very much ! :D:D