alien head

ok serious question…how am i supposed to put a body on this beast?


I am guessing it’s very high poly right now, so to continue it, you may wish to simplify it somewhat. the best way to do this would be to use your current mesh as a form and use the snapping functions ( retopo ) to build an optimized, less dense mesh over it, and go from there. try to keep in mind good edge flow, so that your polygons flow with the natural contours of the form.

ok i tried using a cube and forming under the shoulders going down to form the chest and waist line but it kind of turned deformed so i might keep it like this but model another one to play around with until i figure out how to do correctly.

best policy is to start low poly and save the details for last. for the initial mesh before multires and sculpting, the whole head + body should be no more than 8-10,000 polygons, and it could actually be alot less than that. ( 3 - 5000 ). because once your mesh is dense, it becomes very hard to add too. and if you model with subsurface enabled, you can get away with using even less polygons, up until you get to the details and will want to apply the subsurface modifier.
(edit) also, retopo is hard to learn at first but it’s very useful, and worth taking some time to learn.