Alien Head

This is an alien head I’ve been working on, using the new dynotopo sculpting.

The modeling went well and the skin texture is almost done but I cant find an alien eye texture.

So if someone can show me where to find some I would be very grateful. :slight_smile:

Critiques are welcome.

This is awesome! I yelped when I first saw this! Good job!

Can’t find a eye texture? Just don’t add one. Adding it may ruin the look.

Hi, I think it’s perfect without the eye texture! :smiley: There’s just a little problem with the skin texture, There’s a displacement that doesn’t seem organic on the right part of the image. Too regular to be a skin displacement. But it’s great anyway! :smiley:

I would much rather a texture so if any body could help I would be very happy.

reptilian eye texture

this one

Thank You rexius :). Hopefully Ill be updating later this afternoon.

OK here is the updated version.

Any more Coments or Criticisiem would be appreciated, Thanks :slight_smile:

Maybe I’m crazy, but I like the previous version. These eyes jump out to much.

Great sculpt, by the way!

I concur. The pre-eye texture version was better.

Instead of completely wiping the eyes would like to have some texture there, maybe something paler and less distracting like this.

In my opinion the eyes are what the viewer should focus on after they take in the image. So I would rather have something than nothing. Let me know what you guys think. :slight_smile:

Just for fun how about solid reflective Black:P I know thats much like your previous solid while but I think the black would be very cool and draw the viewer in to the eyes…deep dead and dark looking. Just a thought…nice sculpt by the way and the texturing is very nice as well. It is funny how the dynatopo gives the surface almost a fabric like pattern…you can really see it around the nose and the brow area on the right.

Good luck and Happy Blending!

Thanks for tips and concepts guys I out of time for today bet tomorrow Ill upload some more. :slight_smile:

Okay, here are three renders of the the head each with a different eye texture.

Let me know which one you like best. :slight_smile:

I think the top one looks quite good :slight_smile:

yeah, i’m digging the top one too, I think. Or maybe something between the first two would be cool? Not as dark as the first, but not as bright as the 2nd?

On the first one, the dark eye makes the grey thing along the bottom of the eye stand out. Is that supposed to be clear? Red?

This is a combo of the first two.

Any more criticism would be be appreciated.

Thanks :slight_smile:

good, but doing it this way feels very faked. i would personally create 1 concave eye model on the inside of eye model. texture it with the iris. texture the eye its self with some sort of volumetric material mixed with fresnel

I think its pretty much done now.

If you agree or disagree please let me know. :slight_smile: