Alien Hoax Challenge

Well, I had a thought, and an inspiration from somewhere in the forums to host, and participate in a challenge to make the beast Hoax video or image as possible. It would have to be beliveable, and later whoever wins we should try to pass it off as real!

i think that would be really cool. good idea

I like this idea!!! Everyone should jump onboard for this one!!! :Z

I think it was my idea and I still like it :smiley: .

whoever had the idea i want to try be in this one I’m not very good but i’ll try my best

Ok, well lets get it off the ground shall we, Email me submission’s at [email protected]

I don’t think I’ll participate in this one, but maybe if there are more I might. I tried a hoax already, but it was by no means realistic. I just wanted my chance to create a hooplah! Here is what I already did, if anyone cares

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Wow, looks liek this got somewhere, well I am back from a long vacation in Switzerland.

this whole part of the forum is dead. Last post before you posted was Aug. 31

You mean teh contest forum or the thread, cause yeah if you are talkign about this forum, I noticed

yeah the forum…

well im winning so far lol

i havent blended in a while am i allowd to submit another entery

ps. i feel like this isent realy a contest science there is no deadline and only one entry can we make a deadline and try to publisise it a bit more

Well I only have 2 entries right now, I dont know how to post a deadline seeing as I didnt know how long it would take for people to jion…

Ok, I’ll try. Even though i’m gonna lose majorly. :stuck_out_tongue:

I agree we need to make this part of the forum more lively, hmm, what to do…