alien in my house

hello !!
this is my latest personal work and it’s my first time post here
this is a story about an alien intrudes someone’s house and someone takes a picture in 70s American !
all model made by myself in blender3D and zbrush and render in luxrender…hope you like and sorry about my pool english! thanks~~
this is after colorcorrect

this is before colorcorrect

Looks nice!

A suggestion: Don’t put the alien right in the middle of the picture. Use the rule of thirds.

A little disturbing… but awesome none the less! good work!

Great work, I like the lighting better on the second one. But to really be believable it needs to be really blurry.

If you had it peeking out from behind a Sofa or something it would be perfect… 4 *s!

I really like the overbrightening on the hand, although the repetitive patterns on the furniture, walls and curtains is distracting. It looks too busy for no reason and takes attention away from the alien. Good render! Wires?

Wow, this looks great. Its fits the scene quite well and the lighting is quite good.