Alien Invasion

I have been working on an entry for CGTalk FXWars “Invasion” challenge. I used Blender for all the 3d models, 3ds max for the particles, and After Effects for the composition.
Hope you like it, and I would love to here your comments.
You can see the Youtube version here:
or download the .Mov file here:

Holy sh*t brother, what’s with the garbled mess?

That’s better.

Cleaned it up.

Thanks [email protected]

very nice, i might think of making an entry.

Thanks blenderizer, if you are thinking of making an entry you better hurry. There are only two more weeks left.

Wow, nice vid, I like the how bricks are coming out the wall.

Post it on Vimeo, streaming hi-quality.

Japanese robots killing earth. Well time to sit back on my throne in hell and watch earth get destroyed. Seriously though nice animation!

That was a really good movie. The nuke effects on the planet look awesome! Best of luck in the contest.

Superb! The compositing is so good I could just blurt out: GALLERY! (ButIm no admin)

Cool! The way they blow up is nice.

Interesting how you took the audio from the old radio report of war of the worlds.

Very nice, great entry!!!

Thanks for your comments. I am not sure how it will do in the challenge, but I learned a lot making it and thats what counts.
AD-Edge: you are correct I have a copy of the original (1938 radio brodcast) H.G. Wells War of the Worlds and it just seemed to fit.
Nickle: Get it straight, it is actually (backwards) Chinese for “death” - at least according to Google.:wink:
Dykam: the bricks were fun, they are just game engine experiments with the IPO’s recorded.

pretty cool! like the camera movement during the intro and outro…
remind me of cloverfield + war of the worlds + independence day :slight_smile:

HE! What a work! Nice how bricks are cracked by the alien robot… Only one thing: aliens DON’T attack… they’re not as stupid as us… Passing the barrier of light speed is too much of an experience to leave any pugnacious idea inside of a brain… :wink:

it’s very well done(particles, compositing, modelling), but I don’t like the completely copied ideas/designs, and also the animation isn’t really good, especially when you see the robot walking.

As someone who is still in the early learning stages of blender (after a year of parttime blender learning) I thought I’d just say WOW and that I can appreciate the broad dispersal of skill you have in animation, modelling, using particles, compositing etc. Just in case any blender experts have forgotten how difficult it actually is to learn and use blender well.

Nice one. What a lot of fun it was to watch that!

Holy crap that was really damn cool in a home made movie sort of way. 5 stars.

woah! very nice!:eyebrowlift2:

holy crap is right…very well done Buster - good luck with your entry!!