Alien King in Cryo-Cell (3D-Print from Blender)

I’m pretty unsure whether this is the right category for this :smiley: Normally, I do digital artwork. And this is a bit more “traditional” model making. But, Blender was such an amazing tool to achive this, that I have to share this :slight_smile:

This is my onw version of an embryo / chest buster for the Alien King from the Dark Horse Comics “Alien: Rogue”.

Most of the parts were 3D-printed using FDM- and DLP-printer. Also the concept phase, where all technical details were determined for the printing process, was done directly in blender.

The creature itself was sculpted entirely in Blender.


would be cool if you filled the container with recine to make it look like it is in some mabe pinkish liquid… like in the movie the abyss

Absolutely! :slight_smile: There is already a second version in the making :sweat_smile:

In this first version the acrylic tube can’t be sealed at the bottom. There are connectors for PVC-hoses at the bottom, that can be used for dry ice or a smoke machine. The idea behind was, to use an effect color on all parts inside the “chamber”, so that everything will look like it’s frozen.

The next version will have a sealed bottom to pour resin inside :slight_smile:

IDK the original but i instantly would suggest an outer grinder cage or additional transparent housing… (you know the scene in Alien 3 where the scientist pushes the freezer button… and later when he is in the empty cell… ) and additional backup batteries and extra insulation and… and just don’t play arround with that beast !!! And currently i see an animation (in my head) with a dolly shot to the face and then a slight crack in the glass… and him grin/snarl… darkness and the sound of a greater cracking… )

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Great ideas :grinning: In the future, I will build some kind of military case around this cell. I think, inside this case there must be some kind of backup battery along with an autodoc, which is connected to the ports on each side of the bottom part :slight_smile:

This is great! I love the detail with the Weyland Corp logos. :metal:t2:

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I featured you on BlenderNation, have a great weekend!

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Are the STL’s for sale?

Wow, awesome! :grin: Thank you!

Unfortunately not this version. It’s more a prototype. And the assembly is pretty arkward :confused: Some of the screwholes are pretty hard to reach or require a unusual long screwdriver :sweat_smile:

Also the alien firgure needs some finetuning for a final version. I’ve estimated some tolerances completely wrong.

But, I’m already working on a second version to get rid of all those design flaws :slight_smile:

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