Alien Lab

well you migth already seen my other work on the tachikoma this is an other work ive done, please help me make it better, basicly there’s a pod with an alien inside ou something like that. give me ideas to improve the look of itm if you could send me some sketches or something from other pods or weird computers, i will realy apriciate

It’s pretty good. Somehow the character looks like a mythical creature though, and the bottom part like something you could eat.

Just a minor crit, I think that the “being” inside would look much more realistic with eyes of some kind. When they are the same material as the body it has sort of a flat look. “The eyes are the window to the soul”.

lool, but hey!..can someone give sugestions…pliz?

tkx by the idea ill go do it

Add a little refraction to the container. It should help make it look more like it contains some fluid.
What might be cool would be if you modified the housing to make it look like the center part slides up out the the base. Those ‘teeth’ parts around the top would need matching recesses in the base.
How about adding some LEDs or buttons onto the chamber? Perhaps a little green panel with a heartbeat pulse flashing across it.

I’d like to see the creature inside in a more varied pose; perhaps one of his hands could be pressed against the glass? Also, the camera angle could be improved with a more diagonal, off-center viewpoint.

I think it looks more like an incubator, not a containment cell, the only thing I could say would be to add some slimy textures to te inside of it, and animate his eyes opening.

Maybe someone said it already (I’m in a hurry so don’t have the time to read everythng) but maybe have some pipes to. Smooth pipes forgot what’s they are called in english. Independence day have a ghreat scene with an alien.

The alien doesn’t fit with the rest of the scene. It’s not as 3D as the rest of it.

Please be more specific in your critique.

Me is right. He doesn’t look 3D. It looks like he’ve been drawn.

I don’t like the design of the alien too much eather, he is too humanish. Atleast I think he should have another skin color.

well it is a sord of incubator, it has tubes (with the lights you just canst se them), and the skin is from maya so it migth not be very good, but since i dont know how to make a good skin texture with photoshop (so that i could UV map it into my alien) that is as good as i can make it, as the eyes im working on it.

The “rough” skin look may be the problem. Try using subsurf if you don’t mind ditching it or a different method of obtaining it.

the alien is a realy high poly object but ill try

did a 3d anagliph