Alien Market

In a galaxy far far away… Two friends are travelling together through the desert like planet, surviving the challenges the environment throws at them. Whenever they find a small city, they stop to sell the items that have been collected in their journey, but don’t let their appearances fool you, they are also highly skilled bounty hunters, specialized in tracking foes through the deep sands… This skill also make of them very requested guides and let them make good money out of tourism, but since the intergalactic pandemics started, business are slow, so they are now focusing in collecting fabric like material to be sold and transformed into breathing masks, which seems to be a growing market around the universe.
Hey guys! How have you been?
Alien Market has been my personal project for the last month or so, I wanted to make something that could exist in the Star Wars universe or similar. I intend to expand it in the near future, but for now, hope you enjoy it! I’d love to have your comments smiley
Cheers and stay safe!

Secondary characters were quickly made to be scattered around the scene, with different poses and elements. Most of their shaders are also procedurally made.

This was going to be the main focus before, but I wasn’t liking it much, so decided to change it.

Evolution of the environment through some iterations, but there was many more

Screenshots of the environment

More at:


I love that you have created a scene that would fit perfectly with a Star Wars movie without using any of their actual props or characters - it looks like everything is original by you. It’s very well done!

The final render has lots of interesting details in the background, which not only give the image a lot of depth, but it also grounds the main characters in a larger story around them.

I don’t think I can find much to criticize, other than that I would love to see more of this world in the future! Well done! :grinning:


Wow, that’s really a lovely comment, thanks a lot :slight_smile: Will do my best!

You’re on the #featured row! :+1:

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really cool how you created a scene that feels alive and part of the star wars universe, and with a story on top. I second Thomas comment, very nice work!


Thanks a lot mate, I’m really glad you liked it <3

Thanks a lot @bartv :slight_smile:

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Great job Joao. really look like a star-wars market.
One critic: quite unpopulated market. :thinking: It’s could be for the pandemic?

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Thanks, @Joao_Paulo for posting it with a nice and topical story to read, and also it was great that you included the images sharing your process and what the scene looked like from above. Super cool!!!
I’d love to see more characters in the market, staying 6 feet apart of course. :slight_smile:

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Hahahahaha pandemics definitely affected that place, the creatures you see as secondary characters survived with ease for not having noses… I had a few iterations before that final image in which I had over populated it a bit too much, but the focus became the market itself, then I went on and cleaned it as much as possible, may have lost the balance a bit, but it was easier to bring the main character to focus.

Thanks for the nice comments :slight_smile:

Thanks for the nice comment mate, I may have lost the balance with the amount of secondary characters haha More to come in the future, for sure :slight_smile:

I featured you on BlenderNation, have a great weekend!