Hi all, my last work
Just wanted to make something different simple and clean :slight_smile:

Very nice! He looks awesome. Great use of SSS.

Nice and warm, the sss makes it look alive.

I think an interesting tweak to change the emotional depth of the image would be to have one of his eyes peek open, looking at the viewer.

“WoooOow!” < This was what I exactly said when I opened up the link. Really really fantastic. Simple and effective.

Could you please post your SSS settings and how you did the veins, please? Yay. Thanks. :slight_smile:

Quite nice, but it looks like he’s stroking his thingy. You might want to fix that :slight_smile:
(a real baby animal wouldn’t hold his tale like that as far as I know, why would an alien?)

The image is very simple, but is really attractive. Extremely clean work!

small nice baby :slight_smile: