Alien (now animated)

Here some pics of my WIP. It is for an animation. I just finished modeling. Tell me what you thing about it and what does should be corrected.

pretty cool though the head should be scaled towards the top to give it conehead look and i think the legs are just a little bit to long.
you will texture him right?
i hope so you cant get away with the plain color :o

Looks squeesed some how…
But I think he would look cool rigged!

Thanks for your replies. I shorten the legs and I made some adjustment at the head.
Here are some updates ; I’m now painting the color texture. I will add some more details. Next time I will make a spec and a bump map. Tell me what you thing…

Some updates… I made the eyes more transparent and add a deep effect.
I added also a bump map (not finished yet)

I almost finished texturing. I may add more details.

I made de rigging with a CVS version of Blender, the new animation features are so powerful ! and they speed up the work. :wink:

So here is a little animation, it’s a Divx video :