Alien [Nudity]

Well I’ve been screwing around with HDRI and yafray and decided to make an alien and as you can see, he is nude lol. I found I have some rather odd shading going on in the lower body and I not sure where it’s coming from. I notice that the last picture is the strangest, can’t quite figure out what’s going on.
Please give me any advise or crits on modeling, or anything. I want this to look good :smiley: . I cant seem to make him cast a shadow on the ground either.

I would suspect that he’s not casting a shadow on the ground because there is no ground. It looks like your alien is just floating in front of a background image. You’ve got to put in something in there for the lighting to cast a shadow on to.

pretty neat little alien, though. It’s hard to comment on ‘alien’ anatomy because it can be anything you want, but it seems to me he’ll have a hard time walking without a butt-crack :expressionless: You’ll probably cover your little nudist with clothes at some point though, then it probably won’t matter.

I rather like the fingers and toes.