Alien Planet

Hi all, I did this as a way of showing people the importance of compositing (and I reckon it looks pretty cool anyway so that too). Here’s a little before and after compositing.

So have a look at the bottom photo in the photo area. Looks boring doesn’t it, and that big yellow dot? well that supossed to be a sun. This is beacause i haven’t done any compositing, no glare or blur, nothing. Pfft no way that looks anything like a real photo!

Now take a look at the top photo, wow that looks alot better! All I did was add some glare and blurred it just a little bit and it’s instantly transformed from the unrealistic boring render, into an interesting piece of art! Well maybe it’s not that great… But hey it looks pretty darn good for 40 minutes work! Always composite whenever making an image because it’s just one of those little things that make a huge difference. As you can see by the photos.

And for all the people that may think compositing is to hard, have a look at my composite nodes on the picture. Thats right, with just 6 nodes, you can get all that difference. Well bye, and I hope you had a good new year!!!:smiley: