alien preditor......*UPDATE*

ok here’s the starts of some alien thing…no its not a dinosaur, but it may look like one. the reason i needed to do something organic is cause all ive been doing lately is mechanical stuff…and i needed a break from that. dont worry i am going to finish lythimus and my mech.

heres my first render. tell me what you think.

i know the texture on the litlte flap thingie’s in his mouth need work, and can anybody ive me any better scale textures? i would like yo UV map this guy at soe point.i will post some more views as soon as i can get photobucket to work again…


i think, overall that it looks good, but i think that the bumps on his nose should be reversed; big one first, then small one :slight_smile:

The little flap thingy’s texture is pretty bad, I think it need to be a little transparent, maybe? Also, the flap could use a stretched look to it, maybe a few creases here and there.

I like it. Screams potential. Just keep working on it. The more time you spend, the better it will get. I would try and model the entire body before texturing it. Makes things a little easier, for me anyway.

ok thanks for all your replies guys, and i will use all of your suggestions. solidsnake: all of the textures that it has now, are just for looks…i was kinda sick of seeing a blank colored render everytime i rendered…the textures are not final, so dont worry

So far I have found if I add polys after texturing, the mesh needs to have UV space redefined. So I would texture later on when your mesh is done.

Nice head design. Do you have a sketch of the overall idea?

Teeth. Lots of sharp pointy teeth. As for the textures, I don’t care about them until the modeling is done. Thats pretty much the defacto standard for how you texture things. 3D Art 101 -> Texture LAST. A crit about the modeling:

The top of the head is too boxy…it needs to be rounded off more and the forehead area needs some more detail. Other than that…excellent start.

Looking good, keep working on that, make it agressive.


ok update comming soon. i will texture last i suppose, and i will add “big pointy teeth” lol… and yes a whole lot of them. i am using a number of reference images…one for the head…and otehr random pics for the body. i am using diferent creatures just so i can get some variation in the thing. and one of the reasons im nto using just one reference image is casue the image i used for the head only shows his head…

i will post them with the update also

but at the moment…i need to figure out howt he heck i am supposed to use the GIMP.


like the eye?..

and for good mesure…

C&C!!! oh and i know about the skin on his neck/jawbone… since i almost have his head finished i will start on his body, and i will fix his neck…

no c&c!?

well anyways…i forgot the reference image… :expressionless: :expressionless: :expressionless:

this is the one for the head

Great reference image… but could your signature be any larger?

He watermarked it so posers don’t steal it and put it on their own site.

Is “watermark” simply a term for putting your name on it, or is it a specific technique used in photoshop etc?

I think it’s an overlay image with a very low alpha.

um…all it is is basicaly a giant signature…so…


altough you can use photoshop etc. to put it on there…thats what i usually do.

JoGuy i think you should keep the skin on the jawbone the way it is.
Makes it look like its yelling/screeching and to do so it has too open its mouth more.

The eye is really kewl. Is that one texture or 2?

ok i will keep that strechy skin…

and no the eye is just the iris image in this website . except i painted the middle red.

LOL i could never get my texturing like that on an eye thanx man.