Alien Remake

Some of you may remember my Alien image from way back, well a friend was needing an image from me so I took the opportunity to rework it. Here’s the result:

Nice!! I like the character design.

for some reason (might be the nose / mouth / facial size) it reminds me of mancandy .
good job on the pic :)!

Same exact thing I though when I saw this, I was like “Sweet Mancandy Mod!” Then I realized it was his own thing, nicely done though.

Whoa… He’s so cool. Like he would qualify to be a neat addition to Starcraft 2. Hehe! :slight_smile:

I love how you illuminated everything, just a minimal use of light and proper shading. Though I guess it might have looked better if you added some textures (just a lil bit) on the face and hands.



great work MB…wonderful definition and detail


I like the purple colour scheme. Works with the model nicely.

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