Alien scene

model alien head

texture version

atmosphere and lighting

i will improve body of aliens

I think you have too much spare time :smiley:
This is really well done, can’t wait to see the body.

How did you texture this model ?

Christmas holidays are near end :frowning: .

I used for maping uvmaping technique Sphere.

new version

way too red in my opinion, needs more contrast. i can barely see what’s alien and what’s background!

emfrobia:i made maybe better new atmosphere

Let me be one of many to say that the model looks great! The head looks complete, if you know what I mean. Also, it is original, which is rare enough in today’s world. Love the originality!
The textures are nice, and it may be what you were going for, but they look stretched in many places. IMO, it looks kind of like strata rock. I completely understand, however, if you do not want to UV map it. :o
Great work!

thx :slight_smile:
I test unwrap this model, but the wire is too terrible for it. I know, strecht texture. My friend will test unwrap it, after it i will see.

final version

Wow, that looks amazing, you’re obviously a very talanted 3D artist! However, I liked it better when you had the three aliens, you really got the feeling of them walking towards you and it made them look even scarier imo. You’ve completed it really quick too, nice job!

From Daniel

Your last render is much better than the red one.
Your alien are quite mechanical and that’s a possible point of view.

Thanks :slight_smile:

I posted this scene to finished projects.