Alien Ship

'Tis my third Blender creation and my first blender animation
waddya think

And sorry about teh sketchiness, i accidently rendered it at 3fps, a 10fps version will be here soon

Heres the 10 fps version:
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Sigh, i guess everyone thinks i’m a total n00b. I guess i am, but im trying to learn. :frowning:

Nice, I like the texturing. Was it made out of a single sphere or several meshes.

The stars looked 3D, were they little objects?

Hehe, i made the ship out of a sphere mesh and used the sculpt tool with 3D symmetry.
The stars were made using the world controls and selecting the stars button. I just made another thing, just a simple room with a transparent plastic podium in one corner.

dont use blender internal stars they suck…get a high res star field image or something and use that.

Actually, I was quite pleased with the Bender internal stars, especially because they “moved” when the camera moves, and they’re random, both qualities a downloaded star field could never have.

the stars move very unrealistically though, try a good starmap. Also the geometry on the ship looked a little scattered, try distributing your vertices more evenly to get a more put-together look on the ship.