alien skin ideas

i have a few ideas for the alien bust.
first one: a greyish blue scale
second one: black and redish green bark
third one: a polymorph blood red
forth one: a freakish blend of all the colors you can think of (might be a little hard to UV map)

you guys can pick :confused:


and i need some help with UV unwrapping and mapping

it so happens that I have a purple alien skin texture. it’s completely tileable so you shouldn’t need UV mapping.(edit) I have a brain texture that goes with it too.

that is perfect, so i just import this?

if youre on windows, right click it and choose ‘save target as’ and save it to whatever folder you put your textures in. then add a texture channel of type image in blender, open it from your texture buttons, and set the map input to ‘cube’ in materials / textures