Alien Slug

I was going through my files on my computer again and found another picture. As it is I think that it is a good render. Although, I do think it still needs a background or something behind it to make it feel more complete. None the less, this is definitely one of my favorite renders.


That is pretty sweet! I think that thing in the middle of the eyes is a little out of place and I am not a huge fan of the teeth but it is still a cool render! Can’t wait to see what you are going to do with it!

Looking Very Good!

Yeah…Its good…but lacks the slimy look (just looks reflective).The teeth are very weird…
btw, if you’re gonna resume work on this…post some pics

I think you should reduce the spec.

not sure but i think you could make a slimy look by adding in a textured specularity and do similiar thing with normal too. Might be something to look into if it turns out right.

I started to work on this one again here’s what it turned into.


Looks cool. I don’t have any crits. It’s an alien, there is no “wrong”, unless it looks like a human (like in superman), or an animal, or anything live on earth, if it isn’t camouflaging.