Alien Solitude {Update with small additions}

Well…this is a WIP so far. I still have to texture his armor and give him a hand, then create the landscape, but I felt I had gotten far enough where I could post a prelim pic. One major thing is, the crack down the torso is supposed to be there. Also, no wire, it’s ugly…and scary…so before you ask, no wire…shudder
Well, here you go, blender render, 4:42 rendertime. I’m messing around with the new particle hair system w/ a brezier curve as an additive. Also messing around with toon. The completed pic will have a much darker theme and I hope to capture an emotion in this work.
I forgot AO is on and so is mist. Crits and comments are more than welcome.

<update at the bottom of the page>

Very nice.
You can get toon shading with particle hair?
Maybe you can add some soft black lines around the eyes so they’re more visible.
Wires yeah, yeah! Post’em! I can handle it!

Well, my hair doesn’t look as thick, or black as it does in the toon render. It looks a lot worse without toon. lol. I’m about to post an update in like…10 minutes.

Alrighty then…here’s the update…still haven’t fixed the eyes.

<update at the bottom of the page>

Another update with some basic textures. On a side not that line to the right hand side of the character isn’t the end of the plane it’s a hill that I’m going to go back and make into more of a hill.

<update at the bottom of the page>

your composition needs a LOT of work. at the moment, i get no impression of “solitude”, more “uncontrolled mesh character with bad lighting”

so, to recap:

  1. better camera angle is required here
  2. a pose, or some facial expression, SOMETHING to portray the emotion you have chosen
  3. The toon shader looks… awful, i think, if you want that kind of look, draw it by hand
  4. please add some lighting and a horizon, theres no contrast between blue and more blue.

Traitor: Very true. For now though I’m trying to get the big basic details down, then go and add the smaller, finer ones. For now I’ve got one lamp up but I’ll put some more later. Also, for the mushroom type things, I made a little insert that is supposed to stick out from under them, I want them to glow and cast a small light on the ground, I’ve tried radiosity though I may not be doing it right because it…doesn’t glow. Also, for all intents and purposes, the toon shading is supposed to look heavily outlined and exaggerated. Though if you gave me suggestions on what to do with it I’ll see if I like it. Thanks a bunch.

I decided to wipe out the whole scene and start over from the head. No reference pic and I’ll post the new cleaned up wire later.

Here’s the wire.

Well, here’s another update…I’m kinda stuck on the pelvis and buttocks. The legs will give me problems as well…no doubt. Any suggestions?

No one has any suggestions for the buttocks and leg areas? I want them to be mostly humanoid.

Well, this is as far as I’ve managed to get with the legs.

Hm. All that I can say is to take the muscle and bone into account when working with topology. Look at the Makehuman model and toloban. Notice how the bone and muscles are seen in the topology. Do some image search on the muscle and skeleton and observe your own as well.

Also keep in mind the on where the loops connect.

I know I shouldn’t talk, but it’s just something I notice a few days ago.

I see what you mean. However I am going starting with a human approach for now and I plan on going in and alienating the model a bit. This thing is far from done though. I’m still having trouble on the legs, evil legs. I’m thinking about just going on vert at a time till I get the knee and leg just right.

Front with legs:

Front wire with legs:

theirs seems to be a bit of a hard line in the face, were the cheeks flap over, it needs to be sofend a bit.

the upper arm muscles seem to buldge in side ways, not normal in the averal human,as the muscles would be bulging toward the front and back. the same is true for the upper leg, but it should bulge just not that much.

I see what you mean with the hard line and I fixed it. Though for the muscle structure I plan to keep it looking vaugely similar to what it is now. Of course I’m going to change the abs and pectorals to look more alien, but the arms will be getting totally revamped.

What sticks out most to me is that the pecs and abs are just too boxy :confused:

Lol. That’s part of the alienality of it.

Sorry I haven’t updated guys. School has been murder. I’m working out the cloths…or armor…or whatever. What should I use? Clothes or armor?