Alien Solitude {Update with small additions}

Ok guys…This is just a pose and small lighting test. This won’t necessarily be the final. Though I am having trouble finding time to work with it.

keep working on it!
and that test render is not very well done i think!
work at the light and the enviorment

Which part isn’t good? The pose and lighting? I’m mainly focusing on those for now.

ok but look out with the enviorment(world options and others)

If you have it on, I would turn off mist for now, especially if your working on the pose and lighting. Start with a three point lighting setup as talked about in this section of the manual. I’m liking what I can see of the pose so far, though it’s a bit hard to tell without any real lighting. The rocks(?) texture could use some work, perhaps a nor or disp map would help a bit. Keep it up though when you have the time.

The pose is good but may I suggest different camera angles?

a shot slightly from behind the alien sitting on a rock near the edge of a cliff with the alien, alone, contemplating the landscape (alien of course) Only inconvenient is that you dont see the front of the alien very well so it doesnt emphasize on the character but more what he is looking at

Otherwise, the angle is pose is good in my opinion but the decor will make all the difference though

Good work so far.

Yeah, the rocks were norm mapped but I need to up the Norm values I guess. Thanks for that link, I’ve always been notoriously horrible with lighting. lol. For the fog I don’t have it turned on but I think that’ll fix itself when I get better lighting. I hadn’t considered a different camera angle just yet because then I’d have to chang the lighting. lol. I’ll test it and see how it pans out.

Thanks for all you guy’s help.

Ok, now I’ve set up a little bit of a lighting scheme and I thought it was slightly better than the last image. I’ve also done some minor changes with the rock formation.

ok but try to fastly send an image again with updates
i wanna know much more

You want another update? Geez…let me breath. lol. It took about five or ten minutes for the new lighting scheme to come up :stuck_out_tongue: so I’ll try to send one in the next hour or so I suppose. What do you want to know? I’m saving the story for when I’ve finished the basic scene. I’ll post a concept for both the “behind the alien” camera view and the “in front of the alien” view.

nice ok!

i can wait for a while

Intender is busy too :wink: !!

M’kay, small update that isn’t worth much :p.

I really can’t think of anything else to do with this…in fact this is the worst case of artist block I’ve had in a long time.

Well, here’s another small update. I got rid of the sword…it kinda detracted from what I wanted to get.

hI Streen, if you want to really use the concept in the title a.k.a “Alien solitude”, I think you should oppose a huge element to the alien so that he looks alone.

A good example of what I mean would be a guy stuck on an tiny island in the middle of the ocean… so maybe your alien could be stuck on his little rock in the middle of outerspace.
Also, I think that if you place the island close to the middle of the image, it will look kinda “surrounded” by universe. Just some ideas!
What do you think?

btw, good job on the character, he has got a meaningful pose…

Golly gee willickers Batman! those are some good ideas. Thank’s. I was giong for a sensation of being along, as well as extreme height…though the height would probably do better if the camera was behind him, I prefer it to be more at this angle. I’ll experiment with those ideas. Thanks batman.