Alien Spaceship - My 1st work in blender.

I was not sure where to post it, but is a finished work, so I think that its right.
That is my first Project in Blender. Isn’t big stuff, actually is very simple, but I am glad with that! Took just 20 min to render (i5 2.5 GHz) (900 cycles at 19202 x 10802) Post production in Photoshop.

This is the original file.:eyebrowlift2:

Thats very nice for your first work, but in English we say 1st :slight_smile:

PS: Yeah, welcome to BA! You entered like a sir!

yes, very nice for an early work, no less your first. welcome to the forums.

Yep,sorry! In portuguese we just put an “º” for all the numbers =]
I really want to try some animations, but without a graphic card it will take centuries! =[
And thanks for the welcome guys!

No problem, just saying so you learn :slight_smile: and I do repeat that that’s awesome as a first job!