Alien Spaceship

This is a project I’ve been working on for a while. It was rendered in cycles, with around 3,000 samples. Minor compositing in Gimp. Hope you like it.

I’m kinda new to this forum, and haven’t posted any major projects here before. I have been using Blender for about four years. Any comments would be greatly appreciated :D.

Lukas Valine

I love it, very beautiful. My new wallpaper :slight_smile:

Really interesting concept. :slight_smile:

I like it but I think it’s a bit too chaotic, if it had less particles it would be much appealing to look at imo. nonetheless, beautiful render :slight_smile:

Very good render, but i do agree with @Abdullah_Al-Dar,
the scene does look a little cluttered, but this can be easily fixed by reducing the amount of particles.
Other than the particles, it is a very cool concept, and the textures are amazing!
Good Work! :slight_smile:

oo That is a lot of space ships. Can you show us the scene?:spin: