Alien-style movie trailer development thread

Doing the sewer shot, just to get it done. I clearly need to learn how particles and lighting interact!

Been having bad hardware problems lately, need to save up for a serious upgrade :frowning: HOWEVER, I got the flamethrower sewer scene rendered. I still need to learn a million about particles, but that’s what we’re all here for, right!

Got the two city shots done…

Keep going…this is still fascinating me.

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I’m close to half a year behind schedule due to the horrific events at my cat rescue, but whenever I have some strength for it, I will get some stuff done. Hopefully, it can still serve as a springboard to bigger projects afterwards…

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The megastructure internal shot looks the same as last version. I added movement and some other fine detail, but worryingly, none of it can really be noticed, I fear…

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So, the horrific events at my cat shelter I mentioned was another death, from the same cancer that got Goldie, because a vet saved a few bucks with a partial vaccine only. Ludvig died exactly one month before her fourth birthday and… well, I am in a deep hole. I have started working on the animation again and expect to upload the security guard scene later today, but there is no passion, in this or anything, so I have no sense of the time needed to finish it, at this point. I just do this because I need to do something, and a part of me really wants to just move forward. But the joy in this and everything else is pretty much gone.

Hope to upload later. Ludvig’s sister is by me now, need that more. Here’s Ludvig, in the same window as Goldie in the earlier photo. And don’t worry, this is not a cry for help or anything, just a reason for the massive delays, for anyone who still follows this experiment.

So sorry to hear about this. It sounds terrible.

Sometimes we can find solace in our work, so perhaps your project might end up being therapeutic for you even though it might not feel like it.

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Yeah, I feel you, man. Losing a pet is rough. It can feel just like losing a member of your family. :frowning:

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Thanks for the sympathy, running this shelter is probably the best thing I’ve done with my life, but the losses are just brutal. Instead of getting into that, though, here’s the guard scene. I still have NO sense of timing, but the things that need to work, do. Kinda.


Empty hallway is currently rendering…
edit: Idiot that I am I had to restart the render due to an unmoved camera… FML…

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Did the Gunflashes in Darkness shot. Not a big one, but I got to test some character animation methods, which kinda worked, but need refining. And the basics should let me do four other shots a bit quicker, so hopefully, in the next few days…

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Got three-in-one scene done. Not sure why I originally cut it into three, but I guess it’s just called “learning”…

Balcony shot. Timing still a problem, and subtle animations need… something…

Got the dreaded drop pod scene done. Actually not the horrible effort expected, but then again, not the quality I would have liked, either. I accept it for what it is!

If I am not entirely mistaking, I am currently waiting for the last scene to render. I may be able to upload versioin 5 of the trailer tonight. Waiting to see…

Looking forward to it

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75 frames left to render. About an hour. Pretty tense.

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Fifth version is done!
I am not going to be making a sixth version in this run. I need to push something else if I am going to push myself. This is the target quality that will be my new baseline, and I will have to build on that. Still not amazing, but it’s a process, and it’s progress!