Alien style surival horror atmosphere test

This is a quick test I put together to see how quickly I could get the feeling i wanted for a sci-fi survival horror setting.

The inspiration for this is the wonderful ‘Alien Isolation’, along with the upcoming game ‘Routine’ by Lunar Software. I put together a tutorial series on basic modular level creation and this is an expansion of that. I don’t know yet how far I’ll take it - but it’s far too much fun to stop anytime soon. :slight_smile:

looks pretty nice put a monster in :smiley:

Thanks Blenderrendersk - yes, a monster. The typical Xenomorph is an option but i might go in another direction. I’ve always liked scary robots - Westworld, System Shock 2, Saturn 3, Terminator (of course) and indeed Alien Isolation all had their psychopathic androids. lol

Yeah sounds interesting, but in my personal opinion an organic monster would fit a bit better, something really strange. And make it really OP

The head is too high so it looks like the corridors are very small, aswell as evrything else. Just a reccomendation to put camera a bit lower…

Thanks for the comments. I have an idea for a new monster (or monsters). More later on that.

Regarding the height, I want the atmosphere to be very claustrophobic, as in the original Alien movie.

While other ideas are stewing around I’ve done a little work on some prop dressing. I already had the container you see in the video, and I sketched out and built a version of the classic barrel and some sort of portable filtration unit.