alien sunrise-sunset ?

I did this… dun know why. Just it’s coming out pretty darn cool! HAHA
i’m trying to work on the sun out there but it’s hard… cant get it right at all…
maybe too many halos out there… i tried to give it a foggy bright look in the distance… too many halo’s or something.

C&C anyone?

sweet, that is exactly what blender was made for, to create things that can not be seen in real life.
great style and personality
like the color, like the shapes, like it all man, good job!

also it is a sunrise cant you tell dude, ive been to this place before, silly title :stuck_out_tongue:

o halos, i thought it were an explosion, looks like one, your picture seems to defy most of the laws of gravty lol, its a cool picture all together.

…unless there IS no gravity. :wink:

haha RONTF or maby RITA (roliing in the air :P) its still a very cool picture:D.

I’m looking at the rocks and thinking “sunrise over planet polygon”
but the sunrise effect itself is pretty cool looking!

OOOOOOO now that is very climate scene - I LIKE IT A LOT :smiley:

it’s alien alright! and it’s very very great.
I think taht you can put this in Finished Projects!

AAaargh!! Pink Camouflage!! :wink:

very very nice.

can we have more shots please. and a high resolution pic . 1280x1024?
I wanna use it as my wallpaper.