Alien update

This is my first charachter (alien) with Pixar eyes (again). Look and laugh… :smiley:

Hehe, cute!

Eyes are really nice. The alien itself might need a better texturing, and teeths… well… herm… teeth are the weakest part…

Keep it up


very shiny skin, nice eyes.

Needs work though to be finished

Not TOO bad, but it could use a little work. Mostly in the texturing. If you’re going to have such detailed eyes, it only makes sense that the rest of the character would be as detailed or even more detailed than the eyes.

The teeth could use a good dentist too. I can’t imagine anything being able to eat (or god forbid attack) with teeth that are so rounded. Teeth can be a pain in the ass sometimes, especially since they can change the whole aspect of the character.

If you want him to be friendly (I assume you do) then go with more humanized teeth. This would mean mainly flat teeth with a few sharper ones (canines) and grinding teeth in the back (molars). If you wanted him to be mean (he doesn’t look it to me, but a thought), then go with the sharper and more defined teeth. But whatever you do with the teeth, lose the rounded look, they just look useless.

Overall, I think with a bit more work it could turn out to be a pretty cool character in the style of Pixar.

Thanx for your feedback…

This picture is unfinished and I wanted to hear what I’ll do better.

Some day I will put the final picture or animation… 8)


Here is my alien update.
I turned down some shiny and I edit the teeth…

Have you any idea about textures. scales…etc.

Any comments?


I love how the theeth ended up… great work… amazing detail there and in the wonderfully expressive eyes.

I personally think you should turn the shiny back up… give it that glistening look of a black ant… a shiny translucent skin -

I hope you’ll keep us updated on your progress…