Alien vs Predator: Exiled

I started working on this game awhile back, using UPBGE. It’s a spiritual successor to the 1994 Atari Jaguar AvP game, but instead of going for an action style game like the original, this one is a genuine survival horror game; it’s like a gothic horror version of AvP.

I’m also continuing work on my spiritual successor to Alien: Isolation, Titan Stranding, it’s coming along well too.


Interesting keep it coming @StormWings


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Im a huge fan of the 99 AvP game from Rebellion. It had it all, cool graphics, suspense, action, playing with all the classic characters. Your experiment is pretty cool, we can see how sound play a huge role in creating atmosphere. Theres the exploration factor, the darkness, the isolation. I dont want to be that guy, but you should consider distancing your creation from those franchises though. I know how it is to be inspired by the movies and games we love. We want to add to it, give it your own take. But I find that it can be just as fulfiling to mke something different, something personal, even if it doesnt carry the same instant satisfaction.You can keep you game as is, but maybe the player is stranded somewhere, and theres something unknown lurking around, as she\he tries to find his way out. You can play with the feelings those movies and characters inspired on us, without really using the brands and intelectual properties. Should be cool to see what you come up with.

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My motivation for making it is that Alien: Isolation is the only genuine survival horror game in the franchise, everything else that I’ve seen is action-based, even the old Jaguar game that mine takes a lot of style cues from had strong atmosphere, but it was an action/exploration game at heart.

So, I thought I would make for myself some genuine survival horror games based on the franchise since it only has one to its name. I’m well within fair use guidelines since these games are not commercial projects, nor are they really capable of actually competing with any other commercial game. :slight_smile:

I’m also creating from scratch another survival horror game that is based on urban exploration and a haunted house, but I wanted to get the two alien games finished for myself first. :slight_smile:

Sorry, I dont come here often. I get that you are really passionate about it. Havent played alien isolation but I hear its a pretty good game, with what seems to be a very complex AI. Again, not trying to dissuade you from doing whatever feels fun for you, but I have seen a few projects in the AvP universe get started and never finished (mostly in the Doom3/IDTech4 world, which was an ideal engine for it), because they are really complex characters to recreate in game, thats all. So its good to hear you are also working on another project that is about exploration, because thats much more feasible for someone creating a game from scratch - a place to explore, some scripted scenes, you and the world around you. You dont need to think of AI scripting, hit boxes, weapon coding, npcs navigation, characters models and their respective animations, etc… These things take years to understand, and hundreds of hours to produce. Anyway, have fun and good luck.