ALIEN - What is missing about my textures??

(humphrey) #1

Tell me what you think??

Any suggestions for the textures???


(Bapsis) #2

Heya H,

Its looking not to shabby, i would suggest tho another texture under the belly and chest area, kind of like a dragon has but rounded to shape his body shape. And possibly have the “spots” get larger towards larger body parts, like the back for example.

Anwayz, lookin good, would love to see him in an environmet and moving around and such!!! :wink: Keep on it.


Blend on, and blend well!!!

(pofo) #3

Haha, that’s a funny looking guy :smiley:
Eye is a bit too white

  1. pofo

(banana_sock) #4

the eye could use a bit of work, the blenderchar website has a good eye model there you could use…
the spots seem a bit small and don’t give it much in my opinion. It’s obviously not mean’t to be human (one eye) so experiment a bit. Some hair maybe? A bit of dirt… Just try and make different parts look different. The model is good, although the legs could be a little thicker.

(Alltaken) #5

a render with oversampling would be a rather nice addition it looks a bit blocky

(humphrey) #6

Well I’ve actualy used the eye fromt he blenderchar site… I just haven’t adjusted the lighting properly :d

Yeah… Does anyone know what the texture painting feature is? And how it works??


(bmax) #7

how about AA for your rendering? looks pixelized…

(humphrey) #8

It’s looks pixelly because of the OS X blender version that I’m using… But this will be fix tomorrow when the source is released and I can use 2.25 and publisher!!! YAY!!!