Alien WIP

Hmmm… ok… my first image on this forum.
Any suggestions of improvement are really welcomed :smiley:

I wanted to make a little character with huge feet and hands (don’t ask me why, I just doodle this on paper and think it look cute :stuck_out_tongue: ) I like the body, but not really the head (it’s based on a sphere cough )

Oh, and don’t look at the background, it was just because I didn’t want the character to be floating in the void :wink: (Background suggestions too are welcomed, anyway :slight_smile: !! )
(rendered using AO, and OSA at 8 )

Very cool style.

The round head is fine, but could still use some more definition. You should give him some simple fingers too.

Very toy-like. I like it. :wink:

Thanks for the comments :slight_smile:

Oh yeah… it know it looks like an egg with headphones :wink: But I wanted it to be big and bald. (ok, that’s not a reason to forget the mouth, lol) I’ll do another head when I have time… this one is really too much like a fat egg. trying to think of new features to add

For the hand… well… the finger parts it going to be hard, because I want to keep that simple and fat look. But I like your suggestion, so I’ll try :slight_smile:

Looks cool.

One question…
How can he hear anything with those cheeseburgers strapped to his head? :smiley:

This is my first impression. This is a really neat looking little crittier. He needs a little control panel to fire lasers with! and a Ray gun! My only crit is that the area around the eyes reveals some of the geometry of the sphere it seems and could perhaps use some more smoothing or an additional level of subsurf. Keep it up :slight_smile: