Alien Woman

Short animation of an alien woman speaking about demo reels.
Animation, Model, Textures, Lighting, and Voice Acting done by me.


lol, awesome model you got there

how did you manage that complex animation in the face?
looks better than pixar. :wink:

thanks guys! i just kept it simple, i find that animation is really created in the voice acting, tells you what the character should do. the mesh is simple as can be, and the mouth is 3 shapes, an Oooh, an M shape, and a smile for smiles, or for the letter E sound.

omg that was creepy lol

i know right, haha

hey do you mean that or do you think the animation is simple?

no the animation is great, great lip sync too.

I think the sound needs better quality

ahh yes, condenser mic needs to be upgraded.

I love it! :smiley: reminded me of the E.T. (Katy Perry) music video:

It reminds me of an avatar that had mated with the e.t katy perry Alien.

I love it.

that’s so funny you say that, cuz i had just watched that music video the night before making this. spot on with the comparison!