Alien Worlds Exploration Agency

Made with Blender (of course), Natron, Makehuman and Inkscape

The animation over all was really good. Just need to make some improvements on the walk cycle.

Thanks for the comments XeroShadow

Hello… I have updated and improved the animation. Thanks.

The animation is a lot smoother. I also noticed that there was a change as well. You replaced the walk cycle for a moon jump. It’s not a bad thing but to show improvement on the cycle could be a plus.

Hello simpo. Nice job. I liked the way the fish swam in the water

Thanks so much XeroShadow for your advises. I did attempt to improve the walk cycle… however the result was not satisfactory too… so in the end, due to a busy schedule, i decided to opt for a moon jump instead.

Thanks for the comment.

In the 3D animation, the idea behind the new mode of space exploration is based on real world finding. It is based on the principle of remote viewing and other mystical experiences of meditators.