Here is an alien I have been working on. He’s not done obviously, but I would like critiques if anyone sees something wrong with him. I want to give him hair and texture him.

he looks to boxy i think, and his legs are too big imo

Not very organic looking for an alien (not that I’d know what an alien is sposed to look like). I have to agree with euronando. looks more like a robot-oid thingy. Try using more meta balls for limbs. On the other hand it’s your alien. you may want it to look like that.

Thanks for the comments guys. The problem with critiquing an alien of one’s imagination is that it is hard to say would it “should” look like :wink: . But I appritiate your tips. I want him to look believable and neat. He is a little boxy in some parts (like his torso), but others (like his head) are meant to be like that. I didn’t make him with meta balls though…I used a sub-surfaced mesh. I would like him to look more organic.
Here is a textured view of him I started. I’ve rounded a few parts of his body and changed some things, and I would like to give him some hair. Any suggestions on how the texture could look better would be appretiated.

The bump texture isn’t bad. don’t be affraid to experiment with more than 2 textures. you can create some funky effects with about 4 or 5. Another thing is the lighting. I hears somewhere that there is no such thing as white light (in the real world anyway) Use multiple lights and use different colours. Keep going the alien is cool. after you have texture it you could bone it and then animate it.

Here’s an update. I tried to help the texture along. I would appreciate any suggestion on how to make the skin texture look better. I appreciate all the comments guys. I’ll probably work on the lighting when I make an enviroment.

how complex is the mesh?

this would be a good UV mapping project if its not too tricky, and it would look really great.

Looking good. as always, I would add a spot of vertex paint. The texture is looking great.

nice. I like the way you did the “gills” ribbing effect around its neck/shoulders.

Thanks again for the comments. I added hair and am now working on rigging him with armatures.

I don’t know if I would be able to UV map it. I could try, but do you think I need to?
Here is a picture of the faces.