I was quite bored lately so I have decided to model some easy model … and here it is … say hello to mr. Alien :slight_smile: … hmm he is not finished yet but I’am working on him …

cheers Slux

That looks great! reminds me of the asguard from star gate. :slight_smile:

It’s easy modeling because you can mess up and say it was intentional :P. “It’s an alien! You can’t tell me it doesn’t look right!” Heh, you could also just not bother with fingers and feet and make it some sort of a “tentacle creature” if you felt especially lazy :wink:

It looks good so far though. I hope you don’t get too bored with it.

Nice play on the traditional grey alien. The mouth isn’t done right? Otherwise you should just make it closed imo.

Thanks … Hmm yeah he looks like asgurd :slight_smile: just a traditional grey alien

Thanks I’am glad you like him :slight_smile: and I think I’ll model hands and feets anyway :slight_smile:

Thanks. Yeah actually mouth really isn’t finished yet and you are right it should be closed :wink:

Another update … he is prety much finished now but I’am not very pleased with results :frowning: especially with hands and feets I don’t know but its quite difficult for me to model hands and feets … but its my second try so far … quess I must work on that a bit :slight_smile: … but this model was just an excercise anyway … so here it is

Cheers Slux

Hmm… Has a good overall look, but there are some minor details that could be improved. One: did you intentionally model it thumbless? It seems awful hard to grab things without a thumb. Two: there seems to be some sort of indentation on the outside of his upper arm around the armpit. I guess that is a muscle, but it would probably look better and more realistic V-shaped. Three: I sort of just realized this, but his head seems really heavy; it looks like he’d topple over, but I dunno.

My criticisms may make it seem like I think that the alien bad, but I don’t. Those are just some minor details that I thought didn’t look right. But it is, after all, an alien :stuck_out_tongue:

Actually yeah I modeled him thumbless intentionally because I had reference pic with 4 fingers I dunno you can see them with 3,4 or 5 fingers … I guess they don’t use hands so often they have technology after all :slight_smile:

About that indentation … if we are talking about same thing its not a muscle but collarbone … hmm yes it looks quite odd :slight_smile:

I don’t think he’d topple over, its not so about weight but rather about centre of gravity and I think he is quite balanced :slight_smile:

Mmm, no, not his collarbone… Look at the side view. His arm comes out of his body and then there’s this “valley” where it comes out of the socket and then it’s the rest of his arm. I think the “valley” should be more V-shaped. If I’m remembering human anatomy correctly… You have the biceps and the triceps; the V shape is on the outside of the arm between those two muscles. Actually, the “valley” still might be part of the triceps; whatever.

Oh, another thing just came to mind :-?. Since he seems to have that “plate” on his chest around his shoulders, and the rest of him seems pretty bony and such, would it not make sense to give him a visible rib cage?

Oh and the fingers: even if the species has a whole bunch of technology, I don’t see how they would have evolved to lack a thumb.

But don’t get frustrated at all my comments; I’m just the viewer and you’re the mighty artist (;)), and this is your work. Methinks I’ve put way too much thought into it and am starting to not appreciate it as much. I hope you start up some other projects soon because this did come out pretty cool and I’m sure your future pictures will too.

Do you have a reference pic of an alien hand? :o

LOL :smiley:

Nice model!

Ok I see your points :slight_smile: I may think about it but dunno if I will change something on him … may be I will do some test with him but he was meant only as an excercise …
About rib cage … yeah I quess it would make sence to model him visible rib cage but he hasn’t any in my reference pic so let him as he is :slight_smile: (you can check my reference pic below)
And once again about fingers :slight_smile: I dunno in my reference pictures he has 4 fingers and no thumbs … dunno I have never seen any alien on my own :smiley:

Ok thanks for your C&Cs :slight_smile: and actually yes I’am working on something right now … something more bigger then this easy alien but its only excercise anyway :slight_smile: but I have some bigger projects in my head he he he (evil laughter) … but I have to train a bit before that :slight_smile:

Well sort of :smiley: check out pic below …

Thanks :slight_smile:

cheers Slux

If I’m remembering human anatomy correctly…

That’s the first problem… this isn’t a human. The more it looks like a human the less it looks like an alien. :wink:

This is a great looking model. Very alien-like. One question… how does your creation poop? He looks pretty sealed all the way around. :stuck_out_tongue:

very impressive ! :o

Thanks I’am glad you like him :slight_smile:

weeeell … hmmmm … ehmmm … ??? … let me think about it … I have no idea :slight_smile: thats his problem not mine lol :smiley:

cheers Slux