New artwork from me :smiley:
Soft: Blender,Gimp.
Hope you like it.

That’s one fine ass model maqs. The one thing I would suggest is to crop all that empty space on the left hand side of the image…It’ll make it a lot more dramatic I can assure you.

How do I know that? I just tried it :stuck_out_tongue:

I would like to see a mesh

Oh, wow. Nice.

thats really impressive.

Are you kidding? It’s fantastic. :stuck_out_tongue:

3/4 view would be great (as opposed to a side shot) although i might have nightmares if i thought that thing was looking my way. this way he’s just passing by, and i really hope he keeps on going. Great bump map!

Very nice,

How did you achieve that slimy like shading (so the specularity?)?

That is a really ugly creature…!

Meant in a good way of course. 5 stars. :slight_smile:

holy shiznit. thats a wicked model. nice work.

Sweet! Wonderful job. 5*

That is an awesome model. I think the composition could be better though, the simple side-on view isn’t all that thrilling, and he deserves a much better background than that low-quality photograph, which does nothing to build the atmosphere of the piece, in my opinion.

Fantastic model! only crit is the (a bit) boring background, that takes it down from 5 to 4 stars - 4.5 actually :stuck_out_tongue:

wow… 5*

you use the blender internal or a external render?

I have to agree with [email protected] and Paul J about the composition here.

Other than that, just another sweet piece here Maqs.


Incredible, post this on CG Talk as well.

Hi, thanks for coments. I agree that background and composition is not good, but that was no my idea, i create this image for magazine aboute s-f. Spec, refl, and bump maps isnt good , because i have only one day to create that. I also dont make diffuse map for that alien, only some procedural:) the render was done in internal ofcourse.

This is off the chain…man thats good, thats a kind of alien i won’t ever meet…:smiley:
5 Stars…

Yah. I agree about composition, but every thing else is flawless. Give us a three quarter too, if you can.