i have now set a goal for myself: making a pretty scary alien
as you micht see it looks more cute than intimidating, butthat is why it is a WIP


modified it a bit


im not shure how much i like it, but somehow it looks cool
besides: how do i shift this thread to focused critique


pretty cool! nice textures:)

i think im pretty much done here


i dont know what style you are aiming fore, but your render looks like game engine output, its not at all bad tho. are you using amb-occ?

You’re not done. You are lacking any definition of facial features hidden by overgrain. Emphasize the face more, not the ‘detail’

oh yes i am!

i messed a bit around with it in photoshop and it looks pretty good
but the file is too large so it wont show

Sounds like a lame excuse… :wink:

Well it looks so cute because the eyes are way to big and the mouth looks like a sock pulled over a hand … where are the teeth???


where are the teeth???[/quote]