Well I’m finally getting into organic modelling more here’s my first major one – an alien (not done yet!) :frowning:
and yes no tex or backround yet
c & c very welcome

looks good, keep it on so we can tell you more
if you want to you can post wires to get more crits :wink:

Oh cool!
That looks great!
Are you using the “Introduction to Character Animation Rigging” tutorial?
Your Alien guy looks a bit like what I am working on with that tutorial only MUCH better!
Keep at it its coming out great!


Yup looks good.
I think you should use the sculpt tool though to smooth, grab and shape it a little more.
Keep going.

relledom: k here they are…yes they arent that good
neilbraun: actually I’m not where is that at (a link maybe?)
floorplay: I was actually planning on using the sculpt tool when I finished the base model to detail it and make it look a little better.

try to get it all quads and here is the link for the tutorial neilbraun spoke:

Sorry I dident follow up on that, I have been a bit involved lately As Relledom said heres the link:

Are you still working on that guy?

I still think he’s great!