Hi friends little model.

3D_Coat “sculpt and painting”
Blender 2.49 " rendering"
Gimp 2.6.7 “postpro”

Very cool, the spear-y thing is pretty awsome :slight_smile:
you might want to render it as a larger file, there’s enough going on that it might look better like that

great, that long finger looks freaky.

that’s very good, I especially like the veins that stand out all over his body, great work!

It looks great. Still have to download the 3DCoat trial. Definately looks worth the money.

Wowie! Super nice job reminds me of the Prophets from Halo. Good work.

Good job, looks really good with his long fingers and big veins!

thanks for your comment i hope you like it other photo

The work on lights and skin is just amazing!

Holy Fu- That’s amazing work! @_@

thanks for the comments guys

New update, finish

immagine piccola

immagine ad alta risoluzione