alienhelpdesk design competition.

macouno requested that i post this

Welcome to the alienhelpdesk design competition.

In this new monthly competition your task is to create a graphic design for a specific product.

The prize is the product with your design on it.

This month the product is a White T-shirt.
The topic is “The heart of summer”.

Find all the details about this month’s round of the competition at:

Find all the rules and regulations at:

The deadline is the 22nd of June 2006.

The winner will be announced on the 1st of Juli 2006.

Please post your submissions (or the links to them) here in this thread, and clearly state what image is your final submission.

Also use this thread for all communications , and questions about the competition.

Have fun!

Dolf J. Veenvliet B.A.
macouno multi media

Thanks Alltaken for posting.

I’m just replying to make sure I’m notified when there’s responses.
Let me know if you have any questions.

Ihave a question: Im not that internet savvy so i have absolutly no idea on how to post pictures. can sombody please help me?

theres a yellow square with black things at the bottom in the post box click it and paste the link to the picture in it and press ok

it says url does that mean you have to upload it to a site first? (like i said im not very internet savvy.)

I finished my entry Its not to the 10 inchx10 inch format (yet) but im proud of it

one more thing i dont think i have the photo editting soft ware on my pc.

ok if it’s a file upload it here

if it’s a picture do it here

Ok i got it now thanks

heres the final product. Its done. Completely done.

Sorry I didn’t reply guys. I was on holiday but back now.

I see you got it sorted…

BTW: the template has been downloaded 133 times so I’m expecting a few more entries.

The deadline is on the way though!!! They better hurry.

A quick note: The deadline has come and gone… It appears that no one is actually interested in this contest.

The one entry that has been submitted does not comply with the required format/template (sorry mindwarp), and is thus rejected.

I have been looking into helping to improve the current contest “system” and will keep working on that, for now though, I’m afraid I have to call an end to this one, which is a shame.

If a moderator would feel so free as to lock this thread up, I’d be much oblidged.