aliens and apples (eventually will be an animated short)

Just made this cool SF gun. The person standing behind it is a placeholder untill i model a better character for it.
taking input for wether a human or alien should be behind it
any help is appreaciated


Looks cool so far. My vote goes for an alien to man this machine. Also, a bit of an environment - ground, maybe some ammo crates or something, might add to the scene. Keep up the good work!

ok i added a better character model for the gun, ground some ammo crates and some lights. what do you think now?


just a question, how do i put my pictures on here as the whole picture, not just a thumnail link?

you have to host it on a website like photobucket, or imageshck. I use photobucket, and once you upload your images, you copy the img code beneath the image to the thread. Kinda confusing.

ok nothing major added, i just played with the lights and rendered with radiosity, it took about 15 minutes to render, does anyone know a way to speed up render without sacrifising quality?


Nothing major, but I fixed the lighting balance


nice I like the reflective spear in the middle the best. good job

you mentioned reflective a reflective spear and i didn’t have one, so I added some.
you didn’t mean sphere did you?


ok I have a problem, Blender is not rendering the partical hair I assigned to the aliens. they each have 9987 “hairs” if that matters. I used both Blender internal and YafRay and got the same result.
when i rendered with Blender internal i got a message in the dos window
clip overflow: clve clvl 43 22
clip overflow: clve clvl 39 22
clip overflow: clve clvl 39 21
clip overflow: clve clvl 41 23
Etc for a ton of lines


can anyone help

here is the blend, if anyone can solve my problem with the particals i would be VERY happy
<a href=“”>
manning the claw with honor gaurd.blend

ok I got the hair to work. any comments are appreaciated (especially negetive ones, but positives too if you feel you must)


Yeah this rocks! Fur aliens who are defending apple crates … just joking. Well the first thing you realize when you look at the picture is… they all have the same posture. This might fit to an clone army but adding different positions etc. would at least make the scene more dynamic. Another thing you can do is changing the colour and length of the hair on each alien in your scene.

Add a texture to the aliens maybe

Ok, everyone.

All this aliens gaurding apples stuff has pushed me over the brink.

Thats right.

I made the crates into apple crates.

tell me what you think. When I get time I am going to make the aliens a little less interisting. I am thinking that I might make some sort of animation about why a bunch of hairy aliens are garuding a bunch of apples


I made them different colors. I am going to try to give them different poses. Is there any way to give them all the same bones?


Augh! The fuzzy aliens are attacking!


Run away!

I need help rigging these aliens .blend here.
<a href=“”>
manning the claw with honor gaurd nonuniform.blend
I tried to rig the one with no hair on it

to give e all the same bones you could delete all but 1… and then copy the one with the bones… im not sure if it would work… but… its worth a try