"Aliens and War planes" game in progress

Here is a game i built over the course of two days in about 5 hours. I will be releasing it in the “finished games” thread
in a little while:p. I thought I might show off some of the graphics/assets first.

Hope you like it. :slight_smile:

Here are some more screen shots…

feel free to give suggestions and feed back!


Looking good !

I wonder how the gameplay goes :slight_smile:

The game play is pretty simple so far but it is entertaining. Maybe if the game is relay popular I will build in some kind of level system.

Here are more screen shots of the assets.

Woooowwwwww !!!
Exactly what i had in mind for my next project !!!
Anyways i like the way it looks Great Great Work bro !!!
Impressive dude this is amazing awesome work i really can’t wait to play.

Keep up the great Works in progress !!!
But this is seriously awesome bro.


Thanks Fred/K.S. Its great inspiration to get feed back on a project. Ill keep working on it and get a firs version uploaded as soon as possible.


Oh nice! please keep developing this project even it’s very interesting. beef up that carrier runway thingy" cough, add a command unit overhanging one side IDK… Does the ufo shoot some kin of torpedo? would really love to test this, can’t wait… heh :smiley:

Hey How’s the Progress on this project?