Aliens on the Whitehouse lawn


Can someone please help me land the aliens on the Whitehouse lawn. As far as I can see my node setup is correct and should achieve what I am aiming for. Why is my alpha from my Ground Plane render layer not being used in the multiply operation?

Ignore the model as it is only there for testing.




Perhaps this is due to Blender using the wrong colors for alpha? Try inverting the alpha of the ground plane layer.

Thanks for the reply.

I have had a play with the invert node with some very weird results. No matter what I tried I still could not achieve what I wanted. I am very confused as I copied this node setup from a previous post on this forum that succeeded in what I am trying to achieve. I can only assume that something has broken with one of the updates. I am not experienced enough with composite nodes to work out what has been affected. Hopefully someone on this forum can shed some light (or alpha) on matters.

Thanks again


try putting the shadow pass on top of a white color (alpha over) before multiplying it with your image.

instead of using set alpha, plug the alpha of your second layer straight into the mix node

I did try this amongst many of my various experiments with no success.

This solved my problem. Used an Alpha Over node with a top colour of white in between the Set Alpha and Multiply nodes.

Now onto the modelling.



I’m glad you got it sorted :slight_smile: