aliens once again

(AN][ARES) #1

the next thing i made after the emperess was the alien preatorian… with a very small alteration :slight_smile:

this was inspired be the crouch-idle animation of the std praetorian

the next is a kind of joke … better dont meet this one :slight_smile:

the last should be a wallpaper

all textures a taken from avp2

(snailrose) #2

Hey those are really cool…


(mthoenes) #3

Really nice work, I especially like the wet-shiny look. I really thought Aliens (The second Movie ) was the best of the series. Never doid like Paul Riser after his character tried to get Ripley and Newt impregnated with aliens.

(djfuego) #4

Run away!!!

(S68) #5

Really nice… wings are too ‘straight’, and I never thought they used weapons :slight_smile:

Really cool


(paradox) #6


(VelikM) #7

Alien, my all time favorite.