Alienware laptop

I got a 17% off coupon off Dell computers. I saw Alienware and found out it was an excellent gaming laptop. Does that mean it’d be good for making CGI films? Thank for your help.

Moved: this is a tech support question, not a Blender or CG discussion.

On the topic though, I wouldn’t recommend a laptop for 3D in general, and I wouldn’t recommend an Alienware period. They’re incredibly overpriced for what you get, have cheap case components, and their support is abysmal. I keep warning friends against their flashy advertising, and they keep buying and ending up with buyer’s remorse.

Agree with m9105826, laptops are not ideal for heavy uses. Even the gaming laptops frequently run into overheating issues, which can be very problematic. they just try to stuff too much stuff into a small container. You need airflow and plenty of it to ensure stable operation.

Thank you guys for the warning and sorry for posting in the wrong forum. Thanks again

Yes to most it is overpriced but when it means you either do your work and gaming or not then it isn’t. Some don’t have the choice and are always on the move. It fits you if you go on medium long stays (As in going to some place to stay for a month then moving to another).

Otherwise, it is always better to get a desktop.

@Nemozini Even if you are always on the move there are by far better choices then alienware(Cheaper and faster).